Meet Annu

Namaskar and Welcome to Rourkela To Raleigh Lane.

My Blog, Rourkela (a dreamy steel township at the Eastern end of India) To Raleigh Lane (a friendly suburbia of Chicago) , is a journal of life’s many lessons. Who am I? 🙂 I am a small town girl living in a big city. I am a woman who loves to smile (that which I have been always reminded about myself), a daughter who loves being the little one always, a lawyer whose heart lies with the social causes and a wife who feels totally blessed to have married the man she fell in love with and has been one of my strongest reasons of evolvement. An Immigrant, an enthusiastic traveler, a foodie, a blogger, a thinker, a smiler and overall a life lover!

My blog chapters the cross-section of many experiences & lessons that I have learnt as a daughter, going to law school, workplaces-cities-relocations,meeting people, learning cultures and languages, movies, music, books, relationships and looking forward to many new ones.



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