Memories In Pictures

Neil and I are totally into “impromptu” way of living our lives. You see, we are a very modern (read rather dysfunctional) family. We don’t plan anything much ahead and if we do we just don’t stick to our plans. We easily fall under the definition of “laid back last-minute” kinda couple 😉 We are always fashionably late for our appointments, we struggle to go to the gym each day, if we get hooked to a TV series we would watch the entire season’s episodes without going to sleep the night, we love going out for mid-night snacking at Denny’s, at times we think what we do is not “normal”, we go back to our roots and growing up days and how we lived back then but then some excuse or the other and we conveniently fall back into the same routine.

The Hubz and I are two very different people. If we call it a holiday,  I am thinking of beaches and he is of a spa-resort. If we call it a dining out, then I am thinking of either Chinese or Mexican where he is of Mediterranean. If he is Starbucks then I am Caribou, If I am Udupi then he is IHOPS, If I am Apple then he is Android, bottom line we rarely have similar views on things and life. But we still manage to live our moments happily and create memories for our senior years. Here I say it with pictures (you see, I am an attorney and I like to substantiate my statements with evidences)

Image Credit: Google Images

The day we got hitched.

Alwar - Rajasthan

Visiting Mathura & Vrindavan

Weekly dose of South Indian Awesomeness - Delhi.

Beautiful Taj Mahal - Agra

Birthday with Family & Friends - Mumbai

Enjoying Lassi with family - Chadigarh.

Ganesh Chaturthi - Pune

Family Time - Rourkela

New Year's Eve - Goa

Cold Winter Night - Downtown Chicago

Humble Abode in very own Raleigh Lane - Hoffman Estates.

Hindu Temple - Minneapolis

Cousins - Belgaum

Family Wedding - Indore

Sky Gliding - Nasik

Our Antics - Philedelphia

With Friends - Washinton D.C.

Basking in the Winter Sun - Baltimore

Horse Shoe Fall at Night - Niagra

Fun at Times Sqaure - NYC

Lost in the Alleys of Gold Souk - Dubai

Hollywood City Walk - Los Angeles

Golden Gate - San Francisco

Supreme Court of Illinois - Springfield



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